Sunday, September 28, 2008

Fall Fair

This weekend was our local Fall Fair. This is an event that we try to never miss. We love to go and see the children's art and all the produce, baking, quilts, and other exhibits in the agricultural hall, and then it's off to see the horses. We can spend hours, watching the various jumping, driving, and saddlehorse classes, and hanging over the rail at the heavy horse ring. I love the way the ground shakes when they trot past, and the sound of thunder from their huge hooves and the wild jungle of their harness. But even these giants get nervous before they go in the ring. I saw this lovely Clydesdale being quietly reassured as he was walked to the entrance of the ring.
"You'll Be Great" is a 10 by 13 inch watercolor painting, and it is available for sale.