Wednesday, March 31, 2010


This little merle Sheltie puppy is enchanted with the pink Bleeding Heart that is springing up out of the earth, and I'm enchanted with the puppy. I think it's safe to say that my husband and I love dogs - all dogs. But it is the Sheltie that turns us to mush and makes us putty in their paws. I've had Shelties as companions for over thirty years, longer than I've had my husband!
We both love their beautiful natures, clever minds, and gorgeous looks, and to see a Sheltie pup is to want one. But I must add that they are not for everyone. They are bossy, love pranks, and are often overly fond of their own voice. Did I mention the shedding? A Sheltie person has to love angorra everything. But if you love them, these are just minor inconveniences, vastly outweighed by the love and devotion these wonderful dogs give you.
"ENCHANTED" is a 6 x 8 watercolour, and I'm very pleased that I was able to portray the fluffiness and appeal of the puppy and the cool, rich colours of a spring garden. This painting is available.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Playing in Puddles part 2

Today I think I'll talk about the Colour Wheel, something that is a valuable tool for the artist no matter what medium you work in. I have one that I bought, but I also found it a valuable experience to make one. It really seems to help get a sense of what the colours are all about when you paint in your own Primaries, and mix your own Secondaries and Tertiaries. You begin to have a better understanding of the Complementary and Analgous colours and how they work.
I know I've shown you this painting before, but "Autumn Reds" makes use of Complementary colours (red and Green) as well as Analgous colours, (yellow, yellow-green, and green) to give a bright, sparkling effect. Try using one Complementary colour to quieten the other one, or place them side by side to make each one sing. Colour magic is always an adventure, no matter what medium you are using. Naturally, my first choice for the adventure is Watercolour!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Puddling Around . . .Adventures in Watercolour

It's been a while since I have been able to post to my blog. Life just sort of got in the way for a while, but things have settled down now, and I would like to talk about my favourite medium for a while. I just LOVE to be "Puddling Around" with watercolours! I love the way they can be delicate and fresh, or rich and lush. From the first English watercolour illustrations in my childhood books to the wonderful watercolours I see today, the medium has always ensorcelled.
At art school, I was priviledged to be taught by the legendary Canadian watercolourist, Morton Baslaw, and he gently encouraged us to be neat, clean, and precise without sacrificing the lovely flow and freedom of the medium. I always try to live up to the standards he taught.
There is always something new to learn, but it gives me satisfaction to understand my medium and to be able to call myself a Watercolourist.