Sunday, November 9, 2008

Pool Party

This past summer, I was asked to do a very challenging commission. My client wanted a painting with 7 Golden Retrievers in it for a Presentation Gift. All the dogs were owned by the person who was going to receive the painting.
I decided to go with Coloured Pencil for this one. Each dog was to be an individual mini portrait so there was no attempt to place them all in proportion to one another, but I needed something to pull the whole painting together. As so many of the photos of the dogs showed them playing in and around the pool, it was a natural anchor for my painting. Many photos were used in this piece, several of each dog, and I hoped that I had made each one an individual.
POOL PARTY was presented late last month, and now I am free to present it on my website and blog. The recipient loved the painting, and to my delight, effortlessly picked out each one of her dogs. Happy faces all around!
Heather Anderson