Monday, January 12, 2009

American Cocker Spaniel portrait

I think I am finally getting my breath back after the rush of Christmas portraits. The months leading up to Christmas were wonderfully hectic, and now I am enjoying the quieter pace of January where I have time to put my brush and pencils down once in a while to sit back and enjoy a cup of tea while it is still hot, and to watch the sparkle of snow diamonds outside my window.

It is always a delight to paint a beautiful furry face, and to me, they are all beautiful. But sometimes, a certain one brings back lovely memories of a dog I have known. This was the case with this pretty ASCOB American Cocker Spaniel. She reminded me of the days long ago when I couldn't wait to help out at a kennel full of these delightful little dogs. My favourite was a personable blond, very much like this one. As with most of my portraits, this was done in Coloured Pencil over Watercolour.

Heather Anderson