Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Biff & Jo-Jo Spring Clean-Up

For many folks, a long weekend in Spring means cleaning up the garden and getting the outside of the house looking great. Biff and Jo-Jo have been busy putting a sparkle on their tree house. Biff weeded the front walk, polished the front door light and bell, tidied the grasses and wildflowers around the trunk, and filled a nice little planter with pretty blue and white flowers. Jo-Jo painted the front door a lovely green that won't attract undue attention from passers-by.
Now they can stand back and admire their hard work. I wonder though, will Biff be as happy when he sees the extent of Jo-Jo's paint job!
These little cartoons are amusing to do and only take a couple of hours each, and sometimes I'm tempted to join the current fun trend of doing a painting a day. With these little vignettes, I know I could do it. But I have discovered that for me, a feeling of satisfaction with a painting only comes after I have spent days or even weeks on it, taking time to enjoy the process of putting paint or pencil on paper and having fun with the details. It is a good feeling to know that, in the parlance of "Horse", I can Sprint if I have to, but I am much happier when I have a longer track.
Heather Anderson