Friday, April 8, 2011


Each Spring that we can manage it, we go to a Maple Sugar bush, not so much to get the sweet treats, (although that is not neglected!) but to walk in the woods and let the forest work it's magic on our souls. I seldom go into the woods from mid spring to mid autumn - (possible Serpent sightings), but from late October to mid April, I feel safe to wander and look. Once we are away from the main road, the magic of the forest takes over. I can hear the wind in the trees singing and sighing and whispering old-as-time secrets in my ears, and the air has a fresh tang that is a mix of pine needles, rotting leaves, damp earth, solitude and possibilities. It exhilarates and soothes all at the same time. We walk along the sometimes muddy, sometimes icy paths into the heart of the woods and are often silent, just observing, feeling, and talking to the spirit within. By the time we leave, we are refreshed and at peace again. If you want to catch up on my shorter gratitude comments since my last full blog, they can be found on my Facebook page.

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