Thursday, June 19, 2008

In Legend and Story

For weeks I followed the progress on a huge horse mural - the Horse Gift (Le Cadeau Du Cheval) that will be premiered in September at Spruce Meadows. It totally fascinated me that the artists involved were taking what amounted to abstract panels and turning them into horse paintings, that when put together, will form a new image .

But I couldn't take part - I had too much work, too much "stuff" happening that had to be dealt with. There was no way I could do a mural panel - was there?

One by one, the impediments slipped away and suddenly, I realized that I would be able to do one after all, and I wrote and asked if there was anything left for me. Fortunately, I wasn't too late, and I was able to join in the fun with Panel 19 that became IN LEGEND AND STORY. My panel is about how legend became stories, and those stories eventually became the horse books that young girls dream on. My panel salutes the glorious stallions of every color, the gentle mares, and the loyal geldings.

Many of those horse crazy girls are lucky - they never outgrow that love of horses and they grow up to be horse crazy women who make their horse dreams come true. I know they do, because I was one of them.