Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Traveller -Gypsy Vanner Horse

The Gyspy Vanner seems like such a lovely natured horse. There is one that comes to our local Fair each fall, and it is such a delight to give the quiet, beautiful Vanner stallion a hug. He is so gentle with everyone.
I've had this image in my mind for a long time, and when I set out to finally put it on paper, I hit a bit of a dilemma. I felt I needed to do some more work in acrylic, but the thought of preparing the board and then fighting with the paint was keeping me from starting the painting. Then it dawned on me that while I want to introduce more acrylics to my portraiture work, I didn't need to use it for my scenes. Watercolour is my first love as far as mediums go, so my decision was made. I was able to leap into this painting at once, and have enjoyed every moment of painting this Vanner who so obviously loves life and enjoys his free time. The painting "Traveller" is 11 x 15.5 inches on heavy Arches hot press paper.