Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Baronessa Grace Vom Alpenhof

I've always loved German Shepherd Dogs. They have such kind eyes, full of wisdom and fun, and you just know that you can trust them to the ends of the earth. These dogs need intelligent handling to bring out the best in them, but it is well worth the extra patience involved, because a good GSD is simply one of the best dogs around.
This is Baronessa Grace Vom Alpenhof, a young GSD I was privileged to paint recently. She is from the direct bloodline of the famous Vom Kirschental kennels in Germany, is a formidable guard dog, and gave me kisses the second time I met her. This 14 x 18 portrait was done in Acrylic, a medium I am becoming increasingly comfortable with, and is now hanging proudly in Grace's Mum's foyer.

Heather Anderson