Saturday, August 29, 2009

Biff & Jo-Jo - Fun In The Rain

It rained all day today - a steady, serious rain. Biff is tired of the rain, but Jo-Jo can still find fun in it. When it rains, you can go shopping, go to a museum, have friends over, go to a movie, read, or go out and sing, dance, leap, and have a great time the way Jo-Jo is doing with the help of a Dogwood stem that helps him fly through the raindrops. Jo-Jo knows that when you can be cheerful in the rain, it becomes something you can enjoy . . . and . . . that drives your grumpy friends crazy, which is half the fun!

You may notice that there is never a price tag on a Biff & Jo-Jo cartoon. This is because they are little ideas that pop into my head that make me smile or laugh, and I want to share them with you as a thank you for following my blog. Never keep a good smile or laugh to yourself!