Wednesday, September 23, 2009


The BULL TERRIER is a neat, clean looking dog who despite his rather fearsome past, is now a superb companion with a great sense of humour, loyalty, and gentleness towards his family. They are smart, energetic, complex dogs who demand attention, exercise, and intelligent handling. Many of these beautiful dogs are white, but you will also find coloured Bulls, especially brindle.
A number of years ago, my husband and I were having a picnic in a peaceful park, and a couple with a white Bull Terrier came to sit near us. I had never actually met a Bull Terrier at that point, and had an "uh-oh" moment as the dog shot away from his own table and ran towards us. I learned a lot that afternoon. The Bull Terrier popped his front paws up on the bench and shoved his bullet shaped head under my husband's arm, a gorgeous doggy grin on his white face. He was all friendliness, and very willing to share our lunch, until his master ran up with apologies to take his very charming dog back to their table. The lesson I learned was to never pre-judge a breed or an individual dog. You could miss out on a lovely encounter by doing so.

You may notice that today's image is a bit different. Although I have enjoyed doing the tiny paintings, I am beginning to feel a bit hemmed in by the size. I am a detail person, and need a little more space and time to do what I do best. From now on, my DOG PARADE WEDNESDAY paintings will be painted in a larger size - usually 5 x 7 inches, and offered as 5 x 7 inch matted prints for $25. Some of the originals will be available as well. These are still small enough to be considered a miniature gem, and make wonderful gifts- for yourself or for someone special. If you are interested in this week's dog print, please contact me at