Wednesday, September 16, 2009

DOG PARADE WEDNESDAY - Greater Swiss Mountain Dog

Today's dog is real treat. It's not every day you see a Greater Swiss Mountain Dog around here. This one is a 3 month old pup, and when I met her, she displayed all the gentle affection of her breed. Nevertheless, this adorable pup will grow into a huge dog who will protect your home and family, pull a cart for you, or help rescue you in the snow, should the need arise. The Greater Swiss is the largest of the Swiss breeds, and looks very elegant in the black, white and tan that is so prevalent in the Swiss dogs.
These original little watercolour sketches are 3 x 4.5 and come with a 5 x 7 mat. Including shipping, they are only $40. If you are interested in this painting, or if there is a breed you would like to see featured in DOG PARADE WEDNESDAY, please contact me at: