Monday, May 30, 2011


Well, this was an interesting painting that was simple on the surface and presented me with one challenge after another. This is DAFFODIL FLOUNCE, an 11 x 14 watercolor on Arches 140.
First off, after using Arches 300 lb paper several times in a row, I found the 140 very lightweight. It just handles differently. I think I will still use it for smaller paintings, but for this size and up, I believe I've come to like the 300 better. As I have several sheets of the lighter paper (which is heavy enough, just not as heavy as the 300), I will be using it up - it's too expensive to let it just sit there in my paper box. But from now on, I will be buying the heavier paper.
And it is always a challenge when the artist drops a brush loaded with dark sepia paint onto a pale blue sky. Yes, well. Thank goodness I've been using this medium long enough to know a little trick or two!
Then there was the Sheltie himself. I know these dogs, I've had them all my adult life. I know how they move. But as I was working on this little guy, I realized that my photo had been taken from a 3/4 view from behind, and what I wanted was more of a profile, so the feet were not in the right position. By this time, I had too much color in place both with the dog and with the daffodils, which were also not looking as I wanted them to, so I started over.
Keeping in mind the variation from the photo that I wanted, I got going on the dog. And this time, it worked. The little fellow who modeled for me for this painting has the most wonderful gait - it's so full of animation and the joy of living. To my admittely biased mind, all Shelties move beautifully, but this guy is magic.
The first daffodils I did were OK, but too individual for my liking, so this time, I made sure to mass them, and I like the effect much better.
There is always something that can be done if things don't look right, but there comes a time in a watercolor, that if it isn't working, the only choice is to start over. I'm really glad I took the time to re do this one. I find DAFFODIL FLOUNCE to be a bright, happy painting. Hope you enjoy it too.
Available . . .. $400.

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