Thursday, May 26, 2011

Looking Back, Looking Ahead

I've been spending some time this week looking over a few of the old EQUINE IMAGE magazines. In planning where I want to go, I find it often helps to look at where I've been, and what was happening 'way back when'.
In looking through these magazines, I'm fascinated to see that what was AMAZING EQUINE ART then, still is of course, but that a lot of work that I admired for the technical sparkle, although still every bit as wonderful, seems not out of the reach of my abilities now. My skills as an artist have grown. Obviously, one hopes to do just that, but it is encouraging to see it verified there on a glossy page. Even though years have passed, I'm still proud of my watercolor painting that appeared in an EQUINE IMAGE article. 'DID SOMEOME SAY COFFEE?" is a watercolor and I'm pleased with the way I handled it, but I wonder what I could do with it now.
In the ensuing years, my art journey has taken me on various paths. I've done a lot, oh, a LOT of commission work, and I've explored Acrylics and become very comfortable with Colored Pencils. And there have been very few days where I've not been in my studio for a little while at least, working at my craft.
Now as I contemplate a new chapter in my art life, I can do so with pride because I know I've put in the hours, done the research, and pushed and pushed myself until I have arrived at this new level.
And while my focus as stated in the article " I feel a great need to record the local pasture scenes, various horse events, and most of all, the magical relationship between people and animals" remains valid, that too, has morphed somewhat. I still paint horses - they are so deeply rooted in my soul that I believe I always will. But my equally great love of dogs and cats has blossomed in my art and now I find myself painting more dogs than horses, and the felines need their time too. Although my commission work is still done mainly in Colored Pencil, my old love of watercolor has taken hold almost to the exclusion of other mediums, and I'm enjoying the challenge, mystery, and complexity of this charming, demanding medium.
Looking back can be a good thing, because you can see how far you've come. Now, eyes on the present and future . . . .ready, set, PAINT!

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