Saturday, February 28, 2009

Desert Wind

Because I find acrylic to be the most uncomfortable medium that I use, I am trying to do more of them in hopes of increasing my comfort level. I decided to try "Desert Wind" in acrylic as I wanted it to be a large painting. This painting of an Arabian horse and Saluki was done on a 16 x 20 gessoed panel, and while it was fun to do, there was also the familiar frustration level with this type of paint. More frustration presented itself when I tried to scan the image. My scanner was much too small, and we faced a 4 piece scan. Instead of facing that, we decided to take the painting to a local print shop to have it scanned for us, and at that point, the gremlins really came out of the woodwork. The person at the shop refused to let me have any input into the scan, then when we went back to collect it, they had temprarily lost the CD with the scan. We gave them a week, then went back and they had it ready this time. When we got home and looked at the CD, the scan was so horrible that I threw it away and got out my little digital camera. The resulting photo is not great, but SO much better than what the shop had done. Now I have two new goals; to find a new print shop, and to buy a better camera!
One bright spot that came about half way through this painting was that I was given a Blog Award by fellow artist Debbie Flood. Thanks Debbie. It made my day.

Heather Anderson