Sunday, March 29, 2009

Lady Iris

A wander through the garden yesterday showed that all sorts of little green"noses" were popping up through the dark, wet soil, the Irises among them. I don't tend to look at flowers just the way a hobby gardener does, although that is exactly what I am - I sometimes look at them through the portals of faery land. So many blossoms seem to have a magical personality to them, and no where is this more apparent to me, than with the Iris. She is regal, stately, and leads the way into summer with much ceremony. In this painting, I wanted to underline her regal presence by having her stand pretty much alone against a green/gold background. Seeing her like this makes me believe that true, warm, delightful Spring is just around the corner.
Now I need to turn my attention back to the dogs, cats, and horses that I love to paint.
LADY IRIS is an 11 x 14 watercolour, and is available on my website.

Heather Anderson