Saturday, March 21, 2009

Midnight and the Wolf

Last year, I decided to dip my paintbrush into the world of Fantasy. Painting dogs, cats, and horses will always be my first love, but sometimes it's good to take a little vacation from the usual so you can go back to it refreshed. The Faery world has always fascinated me, and so that was where my paintbrush and I began to travel when we needed a change.
MIDNIGHT AND THE WOLF was my first trip to Faeryland, and it was so much fun, that I have travelled there again recently, and that painting will be posted here soon.

Magic is all around us, and as Midnight is a classic Magical time, this is where I began. Midnight stalks the land every night, and her black-as-a-night-sky Wolf paces beside her. She can bring peaceful dreams or just the opposite. I wonder what Midnight has in store for you tonight?

MIDNIGHT AND THE WOLF is a watercolour (11 x 14) and is available on my Website.

Heather Anderson