Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Little Things

Not sure what this is? Let me explain. I'm still working on my Miniature house, and will be for quite some time. This is the shower I built for the guest room. I know it ended up with a bit of a tilt, but this is meant to be fun, not something to stress over. Someday, I will do this again and get it straighter, but for now, I'm Really proud of it. The "tiles" are made of wood or art paper, painted dark green or left white, and then "varnished" with gloss medium. The frosted glass is cut from a plastic box top, with waxed paper lining it. I painted on the design, as I did on the shower curtain - a thin, white plastic bag. I'm most pleased with the little shower head. Can you guess what it is made from? Half the fun in Miniatures for me, is looking at something and seeing, not what I'm looking at, but what it might become.
Today I had the joy of sharing lunch and "Show and Tell" with a fellow enthusiast who has become a great friend. Her work is amazing, and a visit with her always inspire me to be creative. It's good to take time to play!

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