Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Biff & Jo-Jo On Ice

Like so many Canadians, Biff and Jo-Jo have been glued to The Battle of the Blades these past few weeks. What a great thing for skating in this country! The hockey players were very brave to do something so far out of their comfort zone, and the ladies were just as brave, skating with partners who were new to the lifts and spins. Wonderful Stuff all round!!

And like many Canadians, Biff and Jo-Jo were inspired to get some skates and go skating.

There is ice to be found now if you get out early enough, (and are no bigger than a chipmunk) and these two have been enjoying a dawn skate. Unfortunately, being unused to figure skates and their picks, Biff has suddenly performed the "Cleaning the ice" figure, a manoever I can relate to, while Jo-Jo, in panic lest he be bowled off his skates, has discovered that he can do an impromptu Russian Jump. Skating is just the best fun!