Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Did you see that lean slice of speed that flashed past my window? The elegant, aristocratic Greyhound is the fastest of any dog, yet he makes a calm, clean, loving, and loyal pet.
Once the privilege of the nobility, now the Greyhound is available to those who can commit to giving him the education, love, and care he needs, and that includes daily exercise, like a good run in a safe environment so that he can stretch those long legs of his.
I painted "Greyhound Hill" some time ago, and it has always been one of my favourite watercolour images. The hounds just poised to run, the expanse of countryside, the fresh spring colours, all give me a sense of freedom and lightness of spirit. A 5 x 7 inch (image) matted print for $25. including shipping, can be yours by contacting me at