Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I'M INNOCENT! - Biff & Jo-Jo

Uh-oh, Biff, tempted beyond sense by a tasty peanut butter cracker, has wandered into a live Mousetrap and is in panic, shouting his innocence to one and all. A loyal friend will do all he can to help, and Jo-Jo has risen to the occasion by baking a cake with a file in it. In the end, it wasn't needed, as Biff - a law-bidding chipmunk if ever there was one, was released with an apology.

This summer, a family of mice moved in under our sunroom, and we were not very pleased about it. All members but one, were eventually rounded up and relocated. Our live trap remains out and ready to nab the last wily mouse, but unfortunately, it was one of our garden Chipmunks that was caught. We released him at once of course, and he raced away to celebrate his freedom.